So, yesterday in the East Room of the White House, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, Obama gave a speech, which I'm going to call his "Please Don't Be Mad at Me, You Hysterical, Impatient Queers" speech, and asked that he be judged "not by promises I've made but by the promises that my administration keeps."

Once I stopped laughing, I tried parsing that in any way other than a synonym for "Take the crumbs you're given and stop expecting me to do what I said I was going to do for you when I wanted your votes," but it just didn't happen.

It gets better.
"I know that many in this room don't believe progress has come fast enough, and I understand that," Mr. Obama said. "It's not for me to tell you to be patient any more than it was for others to counsel patience to African-Americans who were petitioning for equal rights a half-century ago.

"We've been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration."
Shorter Obama: It's not for me to tell you to be patient, but BE PATIENT!

Obama has, of course, many foot soldiers in the left-leaning blogosphere, who are also admonishing queers and their allies to settle down and give the man some time geez gosh golly settle the fuck down. But the point is this: If the queer community is still being all but ignored while making this much noise, imagine if they were silent.

Impatience, and anger, are the stuff of progress. Exhorting patience and silence is, quite literally, counter-progressive.

One might even say it's downright conservative.

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