Saturday Open Thread

What's shakin'? Is Saturday proving fun for all you kittens? I had a great day so far. I went to a local nursery and bought some fennel, poblanos, some red sweet peppers (I forget the variety.), and greek basil.

I also got a HELLUVA DEAL. I stopped by the Dillard's that is now an outlet. I got a lamb skin leather jacket that retailed for $550 for $45. It feels like buttah! It was ridiculous the discounts. There were lots of winter clothes, but I will gladly buy out of season for that price. I love a sale but it's never been that good. I also bought this fabulous disco jacket for a friend's little girl. Uncle Petulant loves to provide dress-up clothes. Let everyone else buy practical clothes. Uncle Pet wants the kids to have fun.

So what's going on? Who went to see Star Trek? How are you spending this evening? I am unwinding with a cold beverage after working in the yard. I might curl up with Dynasty season three as I need to finish it since season four came out many weeks ago. I am at the part in season three where Adam Carrington painted Jeff Colby's office at ColbyCo with the toxic paint. Jeff is going mad and hallucinating. Steven Carrington (the homosexual) blew up in an oil rig explosion in the Java Sea. Once those bandages come off he will have a new face. Poor Krystle just found out that she is still married to the tennis pro and not Blake. Alexis is always Alexis. The networks don't make nighttime soaps like that anymore. The new Melrose Place will probably be a disaster. How can you have Melrose without Amanda? Okay I am babbling.

Anything pertinent in the news? Not too depressing. Saturdays are meant for frolicking.

Feel free to have a drink. My cold beverage might be whisky over ice. HA!

Update: I might leave am leaving sporadic frequent observations about the White House Correspondents' Dinner in comments. HA! You can watch live footage on C-SPAN. The fantabulous Wanda Sykes hosts.

President Obama turned down bread from a waiter and C-SPAN is now censoring the dinner to air "Politics and Comedy Writers." Why is C-SPAN hiding President Obama's dislike for bread before a meal? It's a CONSPIRACY! HA!

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