Salem or Bust

Shaker Ali_K emails:
So in the last couple weeks this anti-choicer has decided to plant himself in the median of the busy road leading to my work. He's all by his lonesome and there's not even a hospital or doctor's office nearby, let alone a Planned Parenthood, so I'm not entirely sure why he picked out this particular corner. At first he was holding a sign that had some generic version of "Abortion is Murder!!!11eleventyone" but yesterday he decided to up the ante.

Now he also has a pitchfork. With baby doll parts stuck on the tines.

Originally I was wondering if it would be worth it (to me) to flip him off or scream some obscenities at him as I pass him every day but when I saw that yesterday (and again this morning) I just had to laugh. Now I want to go up to him and tell him that he's single-handedly changed my worldview, and that I don't think that would have happened if it hadn't been for the pitchfork.
What's an idle fella with a pitchfork to do when there's no witch-killin' mobs to populate anymore?

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