Question of the Day

Obviously, people love food threads, so we'll do something similar this time:

What's a food you love that horrifies most other people?

I'm one of those "eat anything" people; there's very little I don't like. I mentioned the Headsucker's Ball in last night's comments. Obviously, the people that are going to this event aren't going to be horrified by eating crawfish (although, ironically, many are still squeamish about "sucking head" [no jokes from you, Deeky]), but I still find a lot of people that are completely grossed out by crawfish. I can't imagine why; they're fantastic.

I went out of town to a college "reunion" of sorts a couple weekends ago, and while I was there, I had frog legs for dinner. Obviously, I'm not the only person that likes them since they're on the menu, but just about everyone in our group viewed my meal with great suspicion. (It probably didn't help that I guffawed at the menu description: "Kermit's loss is your gain!")

When we go for dim sum, I'm the guy ordering chicken feet while everyone else screams.

How about you?

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