The Palace on Fuck Mountain Is Crowded

Auguste emails (which I publish with his permission):
So I follow Brian Michael Bendis, a comics writer, because I am a nerd. And he is currently at the Marvel Retreat, where the nerds get together to pitch nerd things for future comic books. (Maybe you know this already, don't let me underestimate your own nerdiness.) Anyway, he just tweeted the following:

BRIANMBENDIS Fraction just pitched "queen shit of fuck mountain"

Fraction is Matt Fraction, another writer. And, um—either a fan, or a plagiarist? :-D
I vote for plagiarist—but probably not of me, since I nicked the construction from Mr. Show myself, lol.
Voiceover: It's time for "Swear to God with the Reverend Winton Dupree."

Reverend Dupree: I have a question and I know you all have it, too! WHAT IS UP SATAN'S ASS? All he wants to do is fuck us up, the dicklicker! Now, the Lord said: "I am the light of the world." Now, he could as easily have said: "I am King Shit of Fuck Mountain! WHY WOULD YOU FUCK WITH ME?!" Now, I'll tell you what, I am the ONLY preacher with the fucking balls—you know this, you know this, you all know this—to say: SATAN, I DAMN THEE! YOU GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING SHITEATING COCKSUCKING SON OF A B! Can I get a fuckin-A?

I just love the idea of a cursing preacher who will use homophobic and misogynistic slurs like "dicklicker" and "cocksucker," but draws the line at "the b-word."

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