Human Events Important Email of The Day

Human Events entertains me so. Previously, I learned about the postal system.

Today's Human Events email asks: What ever happened to American manhood?

Please tell me.

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Today's weak and pusillanimous Nanny State is anything but hospitable to true manhood.

And that's why we need real men more than ever. Ultimate Man's Survival Guide

But our society today offers no clear rite of passage for young men. Instead, every male must learn how to be a man as best he can -- after all, such knowledge isn't written in our genetic codes.

That's why Frank Miniter's The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide is a Godsend! It gives young men what they need to become not effete "metrosexuals" skilled at the ins and outs of high fashion and cocktail chat, but well-rounded men who can fight off bears and alligators, create a tourniquet out of a t-shirt, set a dislocated joint, rescue a drowning person -- and pick the perfect cigar and bottle of wine.

Presented in six sections -- survivor, provider, athlete, hero, gentleman, and philosopher -- The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide teaches men that any guy can be the "ultimate man" whether he is rescuing a lost hiker, plucking a child from a swift stream, or standing up against injustice.

If I subscribe I can get "a solid, comprehensive guide to being a real man in our feeble, feminized age" FOR FREE.

Poor me. I will remain an "effete 'metrosexual' skilled at the ins and outs of high fashion and cocktail chat." Since I don't run across BEARS on a daily basis (I ain't Sarah Palin), I'll be okay as is.

Pusillanimous is so the word of the day!

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