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You kittens may or may not know, but I subscribe to a nonillion divergent RSS feeds and mailing lists. One of my favorites is the Way of the Master. That name always makes me wish it was a S & M manual. Anyhoo, I just received an important e-newsletter. Kirk Cameron, of Growing Pains fame and the Left Behind movies, is starting a family ministry and seeks guidance from Charles Stanley.
From my e-newsletter:
"When a man is his own ruler, he has all the responsibility of what he does -- but when he implicitly obeys Christ's command, he is not responsible for the result of his actions -- that rests with Him who gave the command."
~ Charles Spurgeon

I had the privilege of having dinner with Dr. Charles Stanley recently. As my wife Chelsea and I prepare to begin a new marriage and family ministry, I asked him if he would be kind enough to share with us his wisdom from over 40 years of ministry on how to lay a godly foundation for a fledgling ministry. His words were packed with the same wisdom that Charles Spurgeon found in the Scriptures. He said, "Seek the Lord in prayer for guidance and direction. Don't force anything. Allow God to open and shut the doors of opportunity. Your part is simply to obey. If He has planted this idea in your heart and is behind what you're doing, He is obligated by his own character to see it through." And then he said, "Remember this: God is responsible for all the consequences of your obedience. You are responsible for all the consequences of your disobedience."
~ Kirk

I guess I should read the newsletters more often because I have no idea what "new marriage" means because he met his wife on the set of Growing Pains. OHHHH... Maybe he means a new marriage in Christ?

And Newsweek wants me to believe there is an end to Christian America. Pish-posh! I am hungry now and need a god-created banana.


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