Read These Now Before The World's Fastest Camera Exposes The GOP

O' bully! It's rebranding time for the GOP. The National Council for a New America is "not a Republican-only forum." What about "traditional America?" This "New America" might frighten the children. (CNN)

" Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R), seen by many as a potential top-tier presidential candidate in 2012, has been uninvited from a local Michigan Republican club after announcing his support for civil unions between gay couples." That Gay Agenda sure is popular.

Swine flu: Egypt orders cull of all pig herds. (Telegraph)

British troops officially end combat operation in southern Iraq. (Guardian)

Credit-Card Bill Progressing, But 'Cramdown' Is Doubtful.

The "world's fastest camera" takes six million pics in a second. (Discover)

Ed Koch is upset over the new documentary, OUTRAGE.

Pet Airways to Offer Pet-only Flights. (Modern Cat)

Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples. (LACMA) (LA Times)

Remembrance Of Things Past Influences How Female Field Crickets Select Mates.

Op-Ed: Reversing the Congressional Science Lobotomy.

Ice Baby



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