Read These Now Because It Is The Sound Of My Shoes

I have a secret. Do I dare divulge? Hmmm... Let's see. This is an evening, probably posted in the wee hours, edition of the morning readings. Since my sitcom catchphrase is: "Is it five o'clock yet?" it is safe to assume there is a highball nearby. (To answer Deeky in that thread, I am definitely Furley with a goofy grin, but dressed in couture or thrift store chic since my portfolio is in shambles. )

O' yes... I was going to divulge a secret. This section of the readings is brought to you by ________. I can't bring myself to type it. HA! I actually liked her last album during the crazy period. "I got my eye on you." Eclectic tastes appreciate all. Vocoders make the pop world go round. I might have to switch it up and hit play for some Diamanda. Armenian Genocide and seeking Amy make the spectrum implode!

So, kittens, let's see what the feeds offer.

UK's top anti-terror officer resigns after blunder. (AP) (Telegraph)

White House hit by swarm of bees. (CNN) I would love to have beehives and create a little ecosystem.

Since NOM wants us in a storm, let's enjoy some Gentleman Reg Thunderstorm. I might dress myself up and run around. Ya know kittens, I am going to NOM NOM NOM as much as possible. HA! As long as Maggie Gallagher speaks, I will NOM NOM NOM.

Parents Say School Staff Joined In To Ridicule Gay Student. (CNS)

Oh noes! Condi's old gig posted a lower quarterly profit.

Rep. Michele Bachmann says that Spain can teach us a lesson regarding cap-and-trade. Let's ignore Spain wanting to prosecute former Bush officials for torture.

PICTURE THIS: Kim Jong, Ill?

Headlines like this- US Economy Could Recover Much Sooner Than Expected- make me ask: for whom? Babble, babble, GDP growth, historically, babble babble, YAY! This optimistic outlook comes from Larry Summers. He's so peachy. I am thankful I am not a woman and have to deal with him.

The Associated Press is a pitiful beast. (PC World) Technology and aggregators are lost on traditional media, especially in-house.

I hope this becomes an amazing resource. The World Digital Library will launch on April 21. (Guardian)

The Book Cover Archive

The Atlas of Early Printing

Since the weather warms that means PAPER! I converted part of the garage into my papermakingland. How can I express "shut the fuck up" in paper?

Scorpion biodiversity.

I am snatching this from SMADIN because it rocks. Thanks. How did I miss that one?

Science's most powerful computer tackles first questions.

The Refined Feline- expensive furniture for that special kitten.

I will depart, but I leave with two videos. I mentioned Diamanda earlier. This is an older song and fitting during any storm.

"Let My People Go"

Then Tiga with "Shoes."

The shoes stay on my feet! What's that sound? It's the sound of my shoes.

Believe me kittens, I know the punctuation is a mess. I can spell it correctly without spellcheck. SHOCKING! It is shocking. No, really. It surprises the fuck out of me at times. I don't have the most coherent of thoughts, but in my land it all makes sense. I drift along the major arteries, find a fetching tributary, get lost for a few moments, regain my bearings and replenish the highball. It's the sound of my shoes. Since I am a simple man, a Hugo Boss monk strap makes me happy. Cheers!

P.S. For Oddjob. My PBS station finally showed that version of King Lear. I have to have the DVD. For some reason, my cable system truncates everything on the screen. It was ridiculous. I tried various televisions and each looked liked shit. Half a face in the corner while speaking? Even worse when I scream, "that gown would be so nice if I have a cocktail party." AND, I only see half! What's a boy to do?

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