Quote of the Day

"The incredible frequency of rape and sexual assault in our society means that many, many victims of rape will see [the movie], and the PTSD that often accompanies rape will mean that, for a joke, for some dipshit filmmaker's attempt at being edgy, they are going to experience all of the pain and psychological trauma associated with that experience, they are going to feel that rape all over again, there, in their seats, in the theater, and they are going to pay for the experience, and if they try to talk about what that filmmaker did to them it's probably going to get sidetracked into some conversation about the Sanctity of Art which is invariably given more consideration than their actual lives."Sady, on the unmitigated clusterfuck that is the new Seth "Rape Apologist #1" Rogan's new film, Observe and Report, which includes a scene of Rogan's character "grinding away on top of an ostensibly unconscious alcohol-and-drug-addled, vomit-flecked" woman, and the trailer for which opens with a man running around flashing women.

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