Only in my dreams!

Newsweek:The End of Christian America
Let's be clear: while the percentage of Christians may be shrinking, rumors of the death of Christianity are greatly exaggerated. Being less Christian does not necessarily mean that America is post-Christian. A third of Americans say they are born again; this figure, along with the decline of politically moderate-to liberal mainline Protestants, led the ARIS authors to note that "these trends … suggest a movement towards more conservative beliefs and particularly to a more 'evangelical' outlook among Christians." With rising numbers of Hispanic immigrants bolstering the Roman Catholic Church in America, and given the popularity of Pentecostalism, a rapidly growing Christian milieu in the United States and globally, there is no doubt that the nation remains vibrantly religious—far more so, for instance, than Europe.

Uhh-huh. Most definitely the end. I think a more appropriate title is: A Lull in Christian America. But then no one would read the article. Give'em time and the lull will end. There will probably be some "missionary" at my door soon.

"Do you need Jesus in your life?"


"Do you want to burn in hell?"

If there are cocktails.

"Would you like a complimentary copy of the New Testament?"

Sure. It is gonna be cold tonight and I need kindling.

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