Kate Harding on the TeeVee

Former Shakesville contributor and coauthor of Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body appeared on CNN's American Morning to discuss United's plan to charge heavier passengers for a second seat.

From Shapely Prose:
I mean, seriously, they've got this handy definition of who's too fat for one seat all ready to answer that inevitable question — anyone who can't lower the armrest and buckle the seatbelt with only one extender — but how are they supposed to determine that at the gate? Is there going to be a mock seat set up for fat people to try out, the same way they've got those little metal cages to measure carry-on baggage? Will fatties be allowed on the planes, only to be removed if they flunk the test? 'Cause boy, both of those sound like terrific options.


Which is absolutely not to say that anyone, of any size, should have to buy more than one seat — Canada's got it right — just that when you take the number of people whose bodies don't meet that particular standard and subtract the number of people who already routinely buy two seats, fly first class, or find alternate transportation, how many are actually left? My fat gut says probably not that many. Which means that, even with this policy, the same people who are outraged about having to sit next to fatties will continue to have to, and continue to be outraged about it — only now there's a discriminatory, humiliating policy in place that will A) penalize a number of fat people in the first place, and B) encourage those assholes to make a public stink about how their fat neighbors should have to buy two seats, regardless of whether said fat neighbors technically qualify for that penalty under the airline's guidelines. Which are horseshit and sexist, if I hadn't mentioned that.
Definitely go read her entire post and watch her in the video below:

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