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Well, we don't want to be beholden to anybody," Whedon said in a group interview on Tuesday in Hollywood at a Paley Fest panel on the show. "We want to do the product the same way we did the first one, which is out of our hearts, and then go to people [and say], 'OK, if you're interested in this, this is what it is.' Besides, it could be something theatrical. It could be something on the Internet again, where it's done on the fly and it all comes from us. We don't know how we want that to be. The best thing to do is to write it. Then we can start deciding a business model based on the script."

A feature-length Dr. Horrible sequel is a serious consideration but not definite. "We've talked about doing an actual studio film, and we've talked about doing an independent tiny little thing," Whedon said. "We've talked about everything in between, the bumper sticker, whatever format."

In a separate interview, co-writer and composer Jed Whedon (Joss' brother) said the sequel's length would be determined by the medium in which it appears. "It depends on what form it takes," Jed said in an exclusive interview on the red carpet. "The story that we're talking about is pretty big, so it might end up being longer."
Heyyy! Everybody! Thisisawesome! Wooooo!!!!

My favorite song from Dr. Horrible:

My Eyes

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