Holy Shit

Just in case you needed actual, tangible proof that FOX is fucking evil:
Fox has ordered a “one-hour unscripted series that turns real-life company layoffs into a reality contest.” The show — titled “Someone’s Gotta Go” — will give company staffers access to internal information (budgets, HR files, and salaries) and the power to determine which of the company’s staffers is fired. The Hollywood Reporter notes, “It’s the anti-‘Apprentice’: Instead of contestants vying for a dream job, they’re fighting to keep the lousy one they already have.”
Exploit the misery of people struggling to keep their jobs for profit and fucking entertainment. You have to "love" the sniggering about how "lousy" these jobs are; too bad these idiots didn't get into creating shitty television shows, amirite? I'm fucking appalled. Oh, and one more kick in the teeth:
Fox is also launching a new program called “More To Love,” a dating show for overweight contestants.
Hell isn't hot enough.

You can let FOX know how you feel about their delightful programming choices here, if you're so inclined. I'd normally ask you to try and be polite, but fuck, I don't know if that's possible at this point.

(Also, if you're tempted to comment "What do you expect? It's FOX!", don't.)

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