The End is Nigh

The "end of Christian America" spin is so patently false it is ludicrous. I would love for it to be true, but it ain't. Nor will it be any time soon.

So with this "debate," our beloved news media trots out Hitchens, Christopher Hitchens, atheist extraordinaire.

Hitch sparred with Ken Blackwell on Hardballz this afternoon. I am sure you kittens remember Mister Blackwell as the Ohio Secretary of State during the 2004 election. Wasn't that a can of worms? Blackwell also wanted to be the RNC Chair, but one crazy at a time.

Here's the gist:

Blackwell: America is based on Judeo-Christian...
Hitchens: There is a crisis of faith in America.

Blackwell: You don't have to be the erudite that you are to understand a basic precept that our, our country is based on a set of universal truths that all of us are created equal and endowed by our creator. Human rights don't come from government, they come from our creator.

Hitchens: You are being very stubborn. This does not say Christian. The person who put self-evident in that committee was Benjamin Franklin and undoubtedly an atheist.

Blackwell: You think the founders and the Pilgrims weren't Christians? Let's talk about historical accuracy. Don't Bogart me!

Update: Blackwell: We will come back. We have been at a low ebb before and we will come back. It might take a crucified church to bring a crucified Christ into the eyes, into the view of the eyes of the world.


Time for a smoke and a drinkie.



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