Speaking of Double Standards

Apropos of Melissa's post yesterday about Vanity Fair's Judd Apatow cover ... Notice any differences between the male and female competitors for PETA's "Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door"? (Note: Images below may be NSFW).


I just can't seem to put my finger on it.*

Now, granted, picking on PETA for sexism is a little like complaining that Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue is heteronormative. But there's a key difference. PETA's main trick (when they're not dabbling in racism and anti-Semitism) is humanizing animals by objectifying women (using the all-purpose excuse "sex sells," and anyway their leader's a woman so it can't be sexist!). No group that cares so little about half the human race can convincingly profess to care about animals. I just don't believe them.

* Interestingly, of all the male "sexiest vegetarian" contestants, the only ones who were less than fully clothed were the two African American contestants--both of whom posed, shirtless, in their underwear.

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