Question of the Day

We did this one a long time ago, but I remember it generated some really fun responses, so I'm doing a re-run.

What is something you regularly do that people might consider "old fashioned?"
I know many friends of mine consider simply cooking a meal "old fashioned," but I'm talking about every day activities you do that someone might consider unusual.
For example, I use a shaving brush and shaving soap in a tube. I haven't quite gone to a straight razor yet, but I may get there if Gillette ever drops the Sensor 3 blade. (I won't use Mach 3, thank you very much.) Sure, it may not be as "convenient" as using a shaving gel, but when you have a really tough beard like mine, it's the best shave you can get. I'd love to find a barber that still gives a shave with my haircut!
(Since this QOTD ran, inspired by a past thread going over my bathroom issues, I'm planning on switching to a double edge safety razor, as soon as the one I want comes back in stock at Classic Shaving. [And lately the Sensor 3 has been all but impossible to find in my area.] Another "old fashioned" example I could add to this is that I still listen to actual records. And not just 33 1/3 LP's; I actually own a cabinet-style Victrola that only plays 78's, and I still listen to records on it on a regular basis.)

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