Fancy a Picture Show?

Rar I'm a MonstaMelissa and I were talking recently about the Shakesville meet-ups, and another favorite event of ours, B-Fest. The meet-ups are always popular, but we realize that not everyone can come to Chicago to attend, particularly if they're only happening over one evening. Something bigger might be in order, and I suggested a film festival. Liss and I have gone to B-Fest together twice now, and while it's always a good time, I don't think I want to go back (for various reasons). Most Shakers seem to enjoy Psychotronic movies as much as Liss and I (and Deeky!), so I'm proposing a "Shakesville B-Fest." (Uh, after we rename it, of course!) I suggested a few things to make it a little more comfortable (and easier to attend) for all:

1. Rather than a 24-hour marathon, which is difficult for some folks for various reasons, I suggested splitting it up over two days. I was thinking, a 12 hour movie marathon one day, then a party that evening (like the past meet-ups), then another 12 hour marathon the next day. Also, keeping in mind that people might travel from far away, having the festival take place over a couple of days might help justify the trip. ;-)

2. Unlike some other festivals, time would be given between films to allow for a real-time bathroom break, without having to race back in order to not miss anything, ahem.

3. I was thinking of hosting it in a hotel conference room (or something similar) rather than a movie theater, as this would allow people to bring their own seating: lawn lounge chair, inflatable seat, air mattress; whatever makes sitting through ten hours of flicks more comfortable! (Perhaps I could work out a package deal with a hotel?)

4. Attendees will pick the festival lineup. We will come up with a list of titles, and I'll set up an online voting site so people can check off their top titles. I know that sometimes you'll look at a festival lineup and there's one or two (or three) movies that you'll really enjoy, but you're rather "meh" about the others. This would give everyone a say in what we watch. Some examples of possible titles Liss, Deeks and I threw out:
Dracula Vs. Frankenstein
The Call of Cthulhu
Night of the Comet
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
The Giant Claw
Santa Claus
Plan 9 from Outer Space
It Conquered the World
Attack of the 50-Foot Woman

And, of course, Robot Monster!
We'll also probably put together a thread in the future to take suggestions, as long as they're something we can find. Get the idea?

Anyway, this is just to announce the idea, and give a very, very bare-bones outline of what I'm planning. I'd just really love it if we could get some sort of idea of attendance. If you think this would be something that you'd seriously consider attending, please let me know in comments!

Update: As Melissa said in comments, this is not intended to be a for-profit event; other than operating costs, we will not be making any money off this.

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