"Practising Homosexual" Deported


British Shakers, please tell me. I have a limited knowledge of her and only regarding these gay asylum cases. It seems that it takes a public outcry, or, in this case, a judicial decision for her to acknowledge anything.
The High Court has ordered the Home Secretary to secure the return of a gay man forcibly removed from the UK to his native country.

A judge condemned the failed asylum seeker's removal as "manifestly unlawful" and ordered Jacqui Smith to "use her best endeavours" to bring him back.

The judge warned that the practising homosexual, Mr X, and his homeland must not be named because he fears persecution and is in hiding.

The judge said it appeared to him that officers of the UK Border Agency, which is responsible for controlling migration, had "deliberately misled" Mr X and effectively deprived him of his right to seek legal advice before his removal.

Their actions were calculated "to avoid any complication that could arise from his removal becoming publicly known", said the judge.
I hate to even get started with the "practising homosexual" parsing. Gee...one can be HOMOSEXUAL or afflicted with teh GAY without engaging in any of those deemed sexual sins. "Practising" (I am staying with the British spelling.) has a connotation of everyone doing the buttsex. Hooray for the judge, but that phrasing in "legalese" irritates me. We are who we are and that's it! Some of us HOMOSEXUALS do not "practise" as much as we might like or not at all. The "practise" doesn't define us homosexuals. As of 2006, the buttsex was on on rise with the "practising heterosexuals" according to the media. Wink. My straight girlfriends have been telling me such things for YEARS.

My rant about buttsex is (sorta) beside the point. WTF is wrong with Jacqui Smith? And how fucking sad is it that it takes a judge's ruling for basic humanity? It's enough to send this "homosexualist" to guzzle a gallon of whiskey.

I do hope Mr. X gets the sanctuary he deserves. Our Planet is so fucking pitiful.

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