More Obamarama Transitionalicious-a-Go-Go

Leon Panetta, former congressman, Clinton White House chief of staff, and current head of the Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy, has been nominated by Obama to lead the CIA.

Not all the Dems are thrilled; Senators Dianne Feinstein and John Rockefeller, current and outgoing heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee, have raised objections on the ostensible premise that they believe the agency needs to be led by an intelligence professional, although I suspect at least part of the issue is feeling as though the transition team did an end-run around them. As Steve Benen notes: "As the incoming chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Feinstein didn't expected to help make the choice, but she 'wanted the courtesy of knowing about it' before the selection made headlines. Panetta's name leaked, but word didn't come from the transition office."

Anyway, I've got no serious guff with Panetta. He seems fine to me. Given that he's firmly against the use of torture in any circumstances, he's certainly a step in the right direction from the dunderheads to which we've become accustomed over the last eight years.

In other news:
Brad Kiley has been named as the director of the Office of Management and Administration by President-elect Barack Obama. Kiley, who is openly gay, is currently the director of operations for the Obama-Biden Transition Project and was a former vice president at the Center for American Progress.
Maybe if he's lucky, Rick Warren will pray for Jebus to save him from the cocksucking during the inaugural invocation.

Yeah, still bitter about that.

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