So ask yourself, are you ready?*

Recently I've seen the Bûche de Noël episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay a couple times and thought, well, maybe I'll make Bobby's recipe for our Yule log this year for our Solstice ritual. So I looked it up.

I didn't even notice many of the measurements were in grams at first. It doesn't bother me, it's so simple to convert anyway. But it got such low reviews that I was curious, so I clicked over to read them.

I don't know why I was surprised but I was...

Grams, litres, 3 ounces toasted walnuts? where are we France. Hey Bobby I love your cooking and most of your recipes, but your buddy came to New York to be a pastry chef here right? Well let him convert his measurements to american. And am I missing something or does the average american kitchen actually have a way to measure the weight of walnuts in ounces? [...]
I suspect the end result would have been very good, however, I operate on AMERICAN Standard measurements, not Metric. It's bad enough that our government is selling us out with the metric system, i.e. litres vs quarts; 1.75 litres vs 1/2 gallon, being slowly forced upon us. We don't need Bobby Flay helping the conversion. I, personally still live in America, not England, Germany, etc, and resent the forced conversion. Recipes that require conversion, I automatically delete or ignore. Larry G fm Georgia
[...]I am an intelligent person (who could convert if necessary) who went to look up this recipe because I thought it would be great. The only thing great was my disappointment in finding it was in grams! I don't want recipes in grams, and I don't want to have to do conversions. Please, Food Network, discontinue this practice!
GRAMS ! This recipe is not ready for the internet, at least not for US citizens. C'mon Food Network, take some pride in what you post.
What are you thinking? Grams??? This is the US. We don't use grams.... Is that anything like a "cubit?" How about checking what you put on this site. [...]
What the hell? There are some reviewers who had the same reaction I did but honestly. Ridiculous morons puffed up on indignation whining about how this is AMERICA (with ALL CAPS DRAMA, even!). Gah. You want a professional chef's recipe, you get the recipe how they write it. This concept is not hard!

(*that's the phrase used to take the show out)

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