Read These Now Because We ALL Need Health Care

Here is a special Saturday edition of the morning readings. I went on a sudden road trip that was more like a journey to Mordor without the success. It was a bit personal so I won't really post about it. I will share one warning: NEVER get into a golf cart with a drunk at an elevation above 4400'. No one was harmed but the bumper of my car. ARGHHH!

Here are some morning readings before I continue my War in Defense of Christmas.

One more thing before I start linking. I cut my subscription to the Asheville Citizen-Times to the weekend because it works better as recycling than reading material. On the front page this morning beside an important story about 500,000 jobs vanishing in November is a GINORMOUS picture of O.J. Simpson. I mean HUGE. It takes up over half the page and extends below the fold. UGH!

LGBT Africans demand action on AIDS pandemic ahead of international conference. (Pink News)

Of course they didn't. Australia and US not signed up to a United Nations declaration decriminalizing homosexuality.

Deal reached in auto industry bailout. (The Hill)

Five Blackwater Guards To Face Massacre Charges Next Week. (ABC)

Caroline Kennedy as Senator Clinton's replacement? (NY)

India police arrest two in Mumbai attacks probe.

Bush: war in Iraq on its way to being won.

"In order for us to reform our health care system, we must first begin reforming how government communicates with the American people," Obama said in a statement yesterday. "These Health Care Community Discussions are a great way for the American people to have a direct say in our health reform efforts." (MSNBC)

Scientists create tough ceramic that mimics mother of pearl. (Eurekalert)

PHOTOS: Best Pictures of Microscopic Life, 2008.

Inner Workings Of The Immune System Filmed.

French turn from tradition to technology to clone the truffle. (FT)

Sandra Backlund: Otherworldly Knits from Within.

The Hollywood Reporter's 17th annual Women in Entertainment: Power 100.

A Flight of Fecal Festive Fancy: "As the festive season hots up, it's time to look at the strange but true goings on of the past few weeks. If you think you know your wild boars from your polar bears and have the thirst for some Christmas tipples, then hop on the SPIEGEL ONLINE tabogan and take the very special Pub Quiz."

A collection of homemade Christmas crafts.

Hanukkah Recipes.

12 rules for regifting without fear.

Me o' my. My fellow NC blogger Thunder pig is at it again. He graciously parses a study: Report says homosexuality linked with health problems. Gee... here I was under the assumption that EVERY HUMAN would have health problems at some point, not just teh GAYZ. Silly me!

I have a WAR to wage and need gallons of coffee.

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