Open Thread on Israel Strike on Hamas

I haven't posted about the conflict, which began this weekend, because I quite honestly don't even know what to say. So I'm just going to offer some recommended reading, and then open up comments for discussion:

The Guardian: Six months of secret planning - then Israel moves against Hamas.

BBC: Israel strikes key Hamas offices.

CNN: Israeli airstrikes in Gaza enter third day.

AP: Across Mideast, Thousands Protest Israeli Assault.

New York Times: Israel Reminds Foes That It Has Teeth.

New York Times: Obama Defers to Bush, for Now, on Gaza Crisis.

LA Times: Obama's Mideast peace plans face tougher road, experts say.

Also see: Spackerman.

And a lot of Hilzoy's post here resonates quite strongly with me, if you want to know my position. It's not that I don't care (or have an opinion on) who's intrinsically got the more principled position; it's that sometimes, at a certain point, being right becomes less important than doing the right thing.

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