It Is To Laugh

Get this. So, Rick Warren is insisting he isn't homophobic. Do you know why he isn't homophobic? Let me tell you why he isn't homophobic: because he once gave some protesters water and donuts.

No, really.

Q: Your position has raised the specter that you are homophobic.

WARREN: Hahahah! […]

Q: Are you homophobic?

WARREN: Of course not. I have always treated them with respect. When they come and wanna talk to me, I talk to ‘em. When the protesters came, we served them water and donuts.

Proving, of course, what a fantastic, wonderful, loving man he is. You can strip someone of their human rights and say the most vicious things about them, as long as you treat them with respect, and give them a Krispy Kreme.

There's video at the link, but I very seriously warn you not to watch it. It's bad enough reading his laughter in that above blockquote, but hearing it will make you Hulk out and start smashing things.

And speaking of donuts, Warren is more than welcome to take a flying fuck at a rolling one.

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