Read These Now Because I am Clumsy

I am medicated at the moment because I am a clumsy fool and fell down the stairs the other day. Normally I fall UP stairs, but this time, completely sober, I fell down the stairs. Thankfully, nothing is broken, just pulled muscles throughout my torso, back and my already fucked (bursitis) shoulder. The readings are short and light today because I need another muscle relaxer. I haven't googled it yet, but perhaps I might form Clumsy Anonymous without deities. Sometimes I wonder if the only time I can walk a straight line is with a couple of cocktails.

Gee... Ya Think? Employees who are sexually harassed experience less job satisfaction and lower job performance.

Glaciers on Mars

Stress Hinders Rats' Decision-making Abilities.

Mysterious fireball lights up western Canadian sky. (CTV)

10 Unconventional Winter Holiday Movies. (Wired)

Otto von Busch – Swedish, Hacktivist and Engaged Fashion Designer.

Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

How lame is a lame-duck president?

400th anniversary of the invention of the telescope

If anyone has the cash, Amazon has Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the complete series set for $69.99.

Two shows I really liked are canceled: Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

dasparkhotel. Most of the site is in German but how often can one stay in a converted drainpipe. It is only open in the summer for obvious reasons.

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