My Thoughts About Melissa

Shakesville is an interesting place. Melissa created this safe space with principles that align with her ideas. When Melissa asked me to join as a contributor, it took me two weeks to decide. I had doubts whether I would be able to “evolve” beyond a need to tell others to STFU. I had to have a crash course to understand what true feminism is and I am still learning because of Melissa. I am rarely activist-oriented and only when something really pisses me off do I wield my tarnished teaspoon. I compile information in my morning readings that I think are important or an amusing distraction; that is my strong suit. Melissa offered a wider audience for me to cross-post and I am grateful.

I do not comment often on threads because I have never been a commenter anywhere. I read a post, think about it, and then usually keep my comments to myself or dash an email to Liss with my thoughts. That is just me.

Every week I have doubts about my inclusion at Shakesville and the only reason I stay is the incredible, eloquent, rational voice Melissa has. She helps me find a better Petulant. She deserves more from this world and her words resonate with many.

Sustaining Shakesville is a difficult task that falls solely on her shoulders. Contributors aside, Melissa bears all the responsibility. Her posts are what draw people to Shakesville. I think many people do not understand the amount of time, energy, and drudgery to post. While I follow a philosophy of just presenting information and letting the reader decide, Melissa takes the significant time to explain and present an understanding or counter argument that is absent on other sites. She cares about what she is writing. She holds true principles that even on a good day, I am not sure I could reach.

And she does it all for free.

I value the friendship that developed between us because she helps me understand the greater good. Positive little things count in abundance and on the flipside so do the negative.

If I had to endure the constant attacks she faces, I would have closed the shop many moons ago. Liss is a sane, judicious fighter for what she knows is right and respects the arguments of others.

And she does it all for free.

I hate to see her in pain. I hate that she questions her legitimacy. She deserves the same “safe space” she offers the readers at Shakesville.

I adore and love Melissa McEwan and all that she does.

I am a better man because of it.

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