If people want to be intolerant assholes, go for it. If your beliefs truly tell you to behave in that manner, worship until you are bleeding from your palms. If you are going to be intolerant assholes, at least be brave enough to do it yourself and not use your children. This is a video by Clay Music Ministry that uses two children (WHO CANNOT VOTE) to teach us:

"Oh my gosh, SOS, I'd be lost and darn confused if my dad is a woman or my mom is a man. Yes on Proposition 8!"

"If not enough people vote "yes," then a man can marry a man, or a woman can marry a woman, and have kids, so my dad could be a woman and my mom could be a man." (Via Queerty)
This video isn't cute. It isn't instructive. It is pure child abuse. Why don't these humans teach their children to love all instead of teaching hate? I guess that ain't an American tradition. Don't let the children evolve, just let them continue down the same despicable path as their parents.

Proposition 8 in California denies and revokes the marriages of my gay brothers and lesbian sisters. It is wrong and it is built purely on HATE.

The correct answer is NO ON PROP 8, not yes.

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