Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude Watch, #100

And so we reach triple digits with plenty of time to spare. Sigh.

Some dude in Maine has put up a 15-foot sign (image here, for those who can't view the video) outside his house, juxtaposing images of Barack Obama in Somali garb and John McCain in his military gear, beneath the question: "Who do you want running the US Military?"

[Transcript below.]

Oh, to be in New Gloucester, Maine, so I could have that debate with Mr. Horr. My opening shot across his bow would be: "Barack Obama's heritage is not, in fact, Somalian—which kind of blows a giant fucking hole in your whole 'showing him embracing his heritage' claptrap. Care to comment, megadouche, or shall we just end the debate here and you can kiss my fat pink ass while I torch your billboard o' bullshit?"

This election really can't end soon enough.

[H/T to Renee.]
Unidentified Offscreen Voice: Just more impressed with the sign's size, more than anything.

Reporter VO: If it's attention Robert Horr was looking for, mission accomplished. The sign outside his home stands about 15 feet tall. It asks: "Who do you want running the US Military?" Pictured are John McCain in a Navy flight jacket, with the words "Retired Captain US Navy," and Barack Obama with the words "No US Military Service." The picture of Obama is apparently based on a real photo that surfaced earlier this year. It shows him wearing ceremonial Somali elder garb during a trip to Africa in 2006.

Robert Horr: I'm not saying he's a Muslim; I'm not saying he's not a Muslim. I'm saying that's his heritage. And you should embrace your heritage. If this sign makes you nervous because of that, then maybe you should reevaluate who you're voting for.

Reporter VO: Just to make sure you don't miss it, he has lights for nighttime viewing. But exposure doesn't seem to be a problem. People driving by slow down, sometimes stop to take it all in. Some are clearly disgusted. Others give it a big thumbs-up. Sam Hirsch calls it a misrepresentation.

Same Hirsch: It bothers me because it's a very distorted view of who Barack Obama is.

Some Dipshit: What do I think about the sign? I like the sign. I think it says a lot. And I think running the military should be someone with military experience.

Reporter VO: New Gloucester town officials have told Horr that it's too big for a political sign, but he says so far they haven't ordered him to take it down. Besides, Horr says, it's a nonpartisan sign, designed to inspire debate.

Horr: Anybody who wants to come by and stop, they're more than welcome to. I encourage them to pull off the road and park on my lawn; I have chairs set up; I'm open for the debate.

Reporter VO: And if you're driving down Gloucester Hill Road, you'll know where to find him.
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