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"Do you think what is appealing here? I'll be careful here. This is not about sexual relations... Everybody watching this. This is not what I am talking about. When you see the picture together of John McCain, who is an older man, but he is a kind of Audie Murphy hero image and this obviously attractive woman much younger than him, it's like they are offering themselves up as a kind of a political couple, almost like Clinton and Mrs. Clinton, Senator... President and Senator Clin... They are offering themselves, it's a fascinating tableaux. They're hugging and even Elizabeth Bumiller on the front page of the Times today. When have we ever had running mates hug? I mean obviously they are different genders. But what I find here, is that, it is a fascinating... are they offering themselves up to run as an alternative to Barack and Michelle Obama to go to the White House? I am telling you. Politically speaking. This picture is appealing to traditional Americans. They go, yeah that’s a nice traditional formal, we’ve seen that picture before."— Chris Matthews on Hardball this afternoon.

Video Below:

Matthews also asks in this segment: "If Hillary had been put on the ticket and she campaigned swimmingly like a couple, a political couple, campaigned the way Barack, I mean John McCain is campaigning with Governor Palin; as a happy political duo, a duet politically if you will, would they be in stronger shape now?"

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