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Last night, while getting ready for bed…

Liss: Hey, babe—would you still have fallen for me if my name were Heehaw Snarlypants?

Iain: I probably would have fallen fur ye even faster. Shame it's not.

Liss: We should change our last name to Snarlypants. "Hello, we're the Snarlypantses. Nice to meet you."

Iain: Excellent idea.

Liss: What will you change your first name to?

Iain: Grumpelstiltskin.

Liss: Grumpelstiltskin Snarlypants is quite a mouthful, don't you think?

Iain: I dinnae then. Shittypants.

Liss: Your new name will be Shittypants Snarlypants?

Iain: Yeah!

Liss: Okay. Good night, Shittypants.

Iain: Sleep well, Heehaw.

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