Eyes Towards Galveston

Things are not looking good at all for this area, with forecasters going so far as to say that anyone who stays on the island during Ike's wrath would face "certain death."

I sincerely hope that everyone in Galveston and the Houston area is able to get out of there safely. I encourage any Shakers in the area who are able to access the net to use this as an open thread to let us know how you're doing and how we can help.

UPDATE: This is Liss, butting into SC's post to share an email from Shaker Anita, which I'm posting with her permission:
Hurricane Ike is predicted to hit just south of Galveston about midnight tonight with maximum sustained winds of 100 knots, and travel on to Houston (winds 80 knots), on to Tyler, where it is expected to curve northeastward as a tropical storm (wind 55 knots) and enter Arkansas near Russellville, becoming a tropical depression (winds 30 knots) passing south of St. Louis, reaching Indianapolis late night on Sunday.

They've evacuated the beach communities around Galveston, and hospitals in Houston. A tsunami-like storm surge is expected on the Texas gulf coast.

If your area tends to black out in a storm: Check your inventory of batteries, cook up your gumbo, ice down the beer and invite some friends to a Hurricane Party. Down here we have such parties so as not to lose what's in the freezer when the power goes—sadly, it looks like middle America might need to join in this time.

And, please, fire up those good wishes and powerful candles for Texas, this time.

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