Three decades of Republican Presidential law breaking in two phrases

Ex-President Richard Nixon, 1977: "(W)hen the president does it that means that it is not illegal."
Attorney General Michael Mukasey, 2008: "When the Justice Department refuses to press charges that means that it makes no difference that it's illegal."
Republicans have definitely learned a thing or two about hiding their criminal activities in the White House. Adequately pervert the Justice Department and you can get away with murder. Literally.

What have the rest of us learned? Simple: Roughly 30 percent or so of those masquerading as "Conservatives" want nothing less than a Republican dictatorship. A look at what conservative bloggers and commenters are saying about Mukasey's dereliction of duty will show that they either are ignoring it, or celebrating it, mostly the latter. Because they despise the rule of law when it comes to their politicians.

Hopefully Democrats have learned this lesson by now. Because there is absolutely no sense or national pride in giving in on any policy to these rogue Republicans. You just don't negotiate with those actively seeking to overthrow the government.


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