Shaker Ugly in Pink just forwarded me this ABC News article with the note: "You might like this, if you define 'like' as 'get justifiably angry about.' It's an ABC article on how some hysterical feminist bitch Hillary supporters are now OMG donating to McCain. Of course the actual story is that the supposed Hillary supporters are people like Danit Aharon, who donated 40k to Republicans over the past year, and donated 2k to Hillary after Super Tuesday, to keep her campaign going after Obama had taken a lead. So, ratfuckery by Republicans, and a failure to do even the most basic research by the media. Enjoy!"

I've got absolutely nothing to add—except, perhaps, that because of the Democrats' open primaries, we've really got no idea at all how much Republican ratfuckery really played in this primary. And thanks to a lazy media and too many people willing to buy memes about Clintons and PUMAs, we'll probably never know. Sigh.

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