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Last night, during the Cubs game…

Liss: Do you think there's more genetic variation between cats and dogs, or cats and humans?

Iain: Zuh?

Liss: I was just thinking: I wonder if cats genetically share more in common with dogs, or with humans.

Iain: Surely dogs. They're bofe four-legged and furry.

Liss: It seems the obvious answer—but when you consider that there's only something like 2% variation between humans and chimps, and we look a lot different, it's conceivable that cats are 18% different than dogs, but only 17% different than humans.

Iain: I reckon that's true. [pauses; reflects] What made you fink about that while watching the ballgame?

Liss: Dunno. It only takes about 56% of my brain to concentrate on the ballgame, so other things run in the background.

Iain: 56%? That's very precise.

Liss: I said about 56%.

Iain: Ohhhhh. About 56%. And the uffer 44 finks about genetic variation between humans and cats?

Liss: Uh-huh. And other stuff.

Iain: That's a very strange fing tae fink about, but yer very cute noonetheless.

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