L.A. Times happy to use hoax Martin Eisenstadt to create Paris Hilton, Blackstone falsehood

One must hand it to Martin (aka Michael, M. Thomas) Eisenstadt. Despite the supreme handicap of not actually existing, the guy has managed to assemble a strong list of media types willing to link to him to further their points.

The man behind the fictional character of "Martin Eisenstadt" rose to fame under the name "Abrad2345." "Eisenstadt" released several YouTube videos a year ago that received Internet-wide praise for being sexist, racist tributes to narcissism. "Eisenstadt" also got some, like Juan Cole and Air America, to bite at the video he created which made it appear he was telecast on a Iraqi TV program, where he spoke about how great things will be when casinos dominate Baghdad's Green Zone.

The latest example of someone latching onto a post from "Eisenstadt" is from Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times, who apparently has never met a Google search he wouldn't make:

As The Ticket noted previously, P.H.'s ma and pa, Kathleen and Richard Hilton, have donated the $2,300 maximum to the McCain operation. But there's a lot more Hiltons around apparently, including Gramps Hilton (William B.), who is the vast hotel empire's co-chair. And according to Martin Eisenstadt's blog, he's been quite the generous donor to the tune of more than $50Gs to Republican campaign operations.
Making it even better is how Malcolm tightens his relationship with the pretend Eisenstadt in the next sentence:

Not only that, he reports, but members of the Blackstone Group, the private equity group that bought into Hilton Hotels last year, have also been generous GOP donors. And Marty says they've expressed themselves angrily to McCain representatives in recent hours.
Fine reporting Andrew. Because of you, both the L.A. Times and some Web site in Sweden are now carrying an invented story about the Blackstone Group and Paris Hilton. All based on the word of an outed hoax/parody blogger looking for attention.

And getting that attention. So, let me just say, well played, Marty. But don't get too excited. After all, Malcolm would have linked to anyone to be able to get out a Paris Hilton/John McCain story.


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