Katrina Karma

Following up on the Quote of the Day...

Like Brian at Incertus, I'm not a believer in divine retribution because, well, I don't believe in a divine being that proctors our lives like a middle school study hall monitor. But there has to be something to be said for the karmic coincidence of a hurricane spooling up to a predicted Category 3 and drawing a bead on the Mississippi Delta exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans and took the bark off the Bush administration's ability to deal with a natural disaster...and on John McCain's birthday, too. And the fact that Gustav and its aftermath will dominate the news next week, stomping all over the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, must also have some cosmic connection as well, reminding the country of the GOP's noted compassionate conservative meme and refreshing our memories of all those pictures of the Lower 9th Ward.

To be fair, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is doing his best to be ready for the hurricane, and since he's a Republican -- and at one point on the short list for VP -- there's no doubt he'll get all the federal aid he asks for and more, just like all the other Republican governors got after Katrina while Louisiana's then-Gov. Kathleen Blanco, a Democrat, had to beg for help.

With all my heart I hope that Gustav makes a sharp U-turn and wends its way harmlessly out of the Gulf, and I'd rather have a less catastrophic way of reminding the world just how incompetent the Bush administration has been. But as the bumper sticker says, MY KARMA RAN OVER YOUR DOGMA.


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