It's Game Time, Shakers!

Yes, it's time once again for your favorite quiz show, "Today's Biggest Racist Douchebag!"

*Applause, cheering*

Okay contestants! Listen carefully, because here's today's topic:
On Tuesday, the House passed a formal apology for slavery and racist segregation laws, recognizing that “African-Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow.”
About time, am I right? Okay, think hard now! This is for the win... could it be... Ron Paul?
RON PAUL: But when it comes to these apologies, you know, why should you and I make the apologies? Why should I apologize for you through a vote in the Congress? At the same time, you know, we personally weren’t responsible, you know, for that. […]
Wow, that's a three pointer! But don't cast your vote just yet... could it be... Glenn Beck?
BECK: Yes, I think it — honestly, it is a front — I’m a Christian. It’s a front [sic] to the principles of Christianity. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. This country, half of this country fought the other half and died to free and to say, enough. This is wrong. We were washed in blood. I know — I mean, good heavens. There’s nothing worse than slavery. Why are we doing this and concentrating on this now?
Big bucks big bucks no whammies no whammies......... STOP!

(I wonder if all of those people on my college campus that were wearing Ron Paul buttons and vandalizing property with his damn stickers feel ashamed of themselves these days? Feel the love, Paulbots!)

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