From the Department of Fuck You

Karl Rove has said some wild shit in his day, but I can think of few things that approach the unadulterated gall of his claim that Michelle Obama failed to sufficiently show her love and respect for this country in her convention speech last night:
I don't think she did too well on saying I love America. That wasn't adequate enough because, look, people are gonna hear that, and then those that have paid attention to her earlier comments are gonna try and square those two off.
Yeah, that's right. Karl fucking Rove, the Turd Blossom, the conservative's grand marshal and architect of their past eight years' scorched earth campaign, a man who's been a Republican operative for longer than I've been alive, who has been shadowed by scandal nearly as long, who was fired from Daddy Bush's 1992 presidential campaign for unethical leaking, who then managed Dubya's 1994 and 1998 Texas gubernatorial campaigns, spending years molding and shaping his candidate into presidential material, finally getting him into the White House in 2000, from where Rove himself has orchestrated domestic (and foreign) policy for the last six+ years, meaning that much of the new American landscape is attributable to Rove's machinations, even though most Americans couldn't pick him out of a crowd of two.

One can't cast one's eyes toward Iraq, or read of the still-struggling Gulf Coast, or greet another infuriating 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court, or hear about a family who lost their home because of the catastrophic combination of a healthcare crisis and no health insurance, or a crumbling infrastructure, or American students falling behind their global peers, or American scientists falling behind theirs, or any one of dozens of issues that have Rove's grubby fingerprints and Bush's crummy signature all over them, and fail to think about the scheming that has changed our country and our lives, not for the better by almost any estimation.

And the pot of shit behind it all has the temerity to suggest that Michelle Obama doesn't love her country—the proof of her insufficient affection being, evidently, that she hasn't endeavored for the past four decades to destroy it.

Fuck you, Rove. Fuck. You.

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