Take My Same-Sex Life Partner, Please

It would have been great if Kevin Cullen could have written his pro-same-sex marriage column for the Boston Globe without including a bunch of hacky "jokes" about how much being married to a woman suxxx for straight dudez like him.
I've always had an egalitarian view on this. I think it's unconstitutionally unfair that only heterosexuals are allowed to know what it feels like to get constantly nagged, be told your socks don't match, and find out your wallet has been emptied so your spouse could buy another pair of shoes that will lie unworn in a closet.

…I never understood how this became a liberal/conservative thing.

I thought gay marriage was something the religious right would try to foist on gay people. You know, so gay couples could be miserable like the rest of us.
"The rest of us," of course, being the people who are "constantly nagged," told their socks don't match, and ripped off by shoe-whores—which totally could be either sex, because those aren't gendered stereotypes at all.


This is called not helping. Cullen might think that a little "playful" misogyny doesn't matter in a column about same-sex marriage, but, aside from the fact that half of the people on whose behalf he's presumably speaking are women (in case he's forgotten what the L in LGBTQ stands for, it's lesbians, otherwise known as gay women), most homophobia used to target gay men has its roots in misogyny. So perpetuating misogyny really isn't helpful to gay men, either.

Rude and ineffective. Way to go, dude. You're quite the awesome fauxgressive.

[H/T to Shaker Broce.]

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