Statement from William K. Wolfrum: "Pauly Shore's 'In the Army Now' can still teach us lessons about Idiots

William K. Wolfrum made this statement to his supporters at 3:30 p.m.

For those of you have yet to see In the Army Now, do yourselves a favor and see it. (Warning: Spoiler Alert)

This movie is not just about the past. It's about today. Right now.

It's about each one of you who stands in the breach against the enemy.

And it's about each one of you who stands against the enemy within, who would happily widen that breach.

Today's enemy are Idiots. But it is little different from the tyrannical Libyan hordes that were hellbent on destroying Bones Conway (Pauly Shore) and his pals.

Today's enemy within are Idiots, both at home and across the globe. And they too are little different from the scheming soldier played by Esai Morales, who were willing—even eager—to see Pauly Shore kneel before the Libyans, just to gain power.

How are the Idiots of today any different? They fight amongst each other and see a nation divided. And they would gladly send more Americans to die, because the government told them they are in a "War of Civilizations." They are Idiots. They know no better.

And just as Pauly Shore was the lynchpin that defended all America — that great cradle of democracy — is not the United States today the last bastion of freedom defending Western civilization?

But what care the Idiots for Western civilization? They HATE Western civilization. They hate the men and women who defend it. They hate themselves. They get outrageously frustrated trying to get through a game of Sudoku. And they HATE that.

Now stop a moment and think.

Pauly Shore and his companions in "In the Army Now" were the last hope of freedom for an America that would have easily fallen prey to the Libyans and Idiots. But Shore's team came through when it mattered most, thus proving the film's tagline "America, sleep tight. The future of the free world is in his hands."

What happens if Shore and crew failed? Does the American experiment in democracy fail too, as Libya tramples over the rest of the free world?

And so we see the how our freedom is dependent on the acts of brave men......and brave women, like Lori Petty. Together, Shore, Petty and crew (which included the delightful David Allen Grier) fought when fighting had to be done - then they went home and opened an electronics store.

The Idiots, of course, would have continued sending more troops to fight for an eternity. They would see us all destroyed for nothing more than their own vile power and purposes. It is up to us—all of us—to stop them.

If 4 can hold off a million Libyans, you can make a difference.

You are the tip of the spear. You are Pauly Shore.

Feel like the Idiots are too powerful? Use big words around them.

Does McCain loom like the god-king Idiot? Never kneel.

And so I say to the Idiots:

We are the tip of the spear. We will fight you. We will never yield.

This will not be over quickly. You will not understand this.


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