scene from my day

Earlier conversation with Miss E, who is five:

E: Some people are twins.

Me: Yep. Some people are even triplets! Did you know that people can be twins and not look the same? It just depends on how they were made.

E: I don't really understand how people grow inside when they're made.

Me: Well, you know the sperm and the egg part right? (E nods) Those are two special kinds of cells that pair together and then they keep making more and more cells. Those cells grow into making a person.

E: I saw a picture of that once in a book we have.

Me: If you want we can look at the book again and talk about it.

E: But I don't know where the book is. Maybe it's on the bookshelf*.

Me: Actually, I think that book is on one of the shelves in my room where we keep the special books like that one.

E: Ooh. So you and dad can remember how to make babies?

*It could have been in any of three places where kid books are located, so "on the bookshelf" isn't as obvious as it may seem.

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