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The Morning Readings are taking up too much time these days, so I'm cutting back to three days a week. As with the sporadic nature of my existence, those days could vary. HA!

One more thing to worry about if you are going to get married: Botox and chemical peels aka "bridal party tune-ups." (NY Times)

$230 million aid to upgrade Pakistan's F-16 fighters. (NY)

File under appropriate headlines: People of the World, Look at Me.

Emperor Hadrian's life at the British Museum. Pink News has an article about the gay Hadrian.

Formula One boss Max Mosley wins most of his lawsuit against The News of the World for its depiction of his "sick Nazi orgy." (Guardian) (Telegraph)

MTV is a network that lost its significance circa 1990. A Rocky Horror Remake? FUCK YOU! (Variety)

Scientists Solve 30-year-old Aurora Borealis Mystery.

July 25: Four Women Who Made a Difference

Gay and Lesbian Soldiers Shouldn’t Have to Fear Being Outed:
(Rep. Carol Shea-Porter)
July 24th, 2008

I hope that we change the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. What I hope Americans saw at yesterday’s hearing was that we have terrific soldiers, regardless of their sexual orientation.

We saw men and women today who talked about their great fear of being outed, and having to leave the job they love the most: the job of protecting their fellow Americans, the job of working for freedom.

I think most people do not agree with Ms. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness. I think that when you hear it, it does not make sense to force soldiers out of the military simply because of who they are, and what their sexual orientation is. The military measures people based on their work ethic, and their ability to serve this nation. I think those are the standards that most Americans want to see.

That’s a code of fairness, I think, that most Americans embrace.

The Extremely Long Odds Against the Destruction of Earth.

Ok Kittens. Life is butting its evil head and reading the chaos of man: not FUN! Here is a "poem."

OF bodies chang'd to various forms, I sing:
Ye Gods, from whom these miracles did spring,
Inspire my numbers with celestial heat;
'Till I my long laborious work compleat:
And add perpetual tenour to my rhimes,
Deduc'd from Nature's birth, to Caesar's times.
Before the seas, and this terrestrial ball,
And Heav'n's high canopy, that covers all,
One was the face of Nature; if a face:
Rather a rude and indigested mass:
A lifeless lump, unfashion'd, and unfram'd,
Of jarring seeds; and justly Chaos nam'd.
No sun was lighted up, the world to view;
No moon did yet her blunted horns renew:
Nor yet was Earth suspended in the sky,
Nor pois'd, did on her own foundations lye:
Nor seas about the shores their arms had thrown;
But earth, and air, and water, were in one.
Thus air was void of light, and earth unstable,
And water's dark abyss unnavigable.
No certain form on any was imprest;
All were confus'd, and each disturb'd the rest.
For hot and cold were in one body fixt;
And soft with hard, and light with heavy mixt.

by Ovid
translated into English verse under the direction of
Sir Samuel Garth by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison,
William Congreve and other eminent hands.

Eminent HANDS always make a boy shudder! Speaking of HANDS:

John Barrowman on GMTV talking about the series "The Making of Me." OMG! He's GAY!

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