Question of the Day

We did this one early last year, but I love this QotD, so I'm recycling it: What movie "theme" song do you totally love that you'd never admit to if it weren't for the safely anonymous nature of the internets?

In Spudsy's original post, he revealed that his favie is the "Howard the Duck" song from the movie of the same name—and he also noted: "Shakes admitted to me over the phone that she absolutely loves 'Playing With the Boys' from Top Gun by Kenny Loggins. She claims that it's because it's 'so bad' she absolutely loves it, but I know better. She thinks it's teh awesome. You just know she dances around to this in front of the bathroom mirror, singing into her hairbrush," which prompted one of my all-time favorite exchanges in comments:

Me: No, that I do to the heterocentric theme from Top Gun: "Danger Zone." To "Playing With the Boys," the homoerotic theme from Top Gun, I dress up like Tom Cruise and pretend to fuck my Val Kilmer doll up the ass.

Deeky: Yeah, who doesn't?

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