Question of the Day

The husband's birthday is coming up this month, and I've been trying to figure out what I'd like to give him this year. I'm the Simpsons nut in this family, but he's got a particular affection for Ralph Wiggum. So, I went to the very cool 80's hoping to find a Ralphie t-shirt for him.

Now, I'm a big dummy, so I started browsing the site. Much to my shock, I found that they had about six t-shirts featuring The Greatest Movie of All Time*, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. "Holy Shit!" I yipped, and immediately ordered three. Yes, I'm unemployed and shouldn't be doing this, shut up.

Well, the shirts arrived today (My precious...), and it struck me when taking them out of the package that, for a relatively obscure movie from the 1980's with very little merchandise connected to it, I believe I own everything.

Okay, not everything. There's a series of truly droolworthy masks and costumes from "Bump in the Night Productions" (love that name) that are more than I can afford, but I've got several t-shirts, the action figures, magnets, buttons, and even an original movie poster. I'm obsessed and I don't care! I have a friend with a similar obsession with Plastic Man. You'd think it would make gift-giving easy, but more than likely if I find something with Plas on it, he owns it already.

So, Shakers- Is there anything you're so obsessed with that you're compelled beyond reason and sanity to own everything connected with it?

And if anyone wants to buy this for me, I'd be ever so grateful.

(For the record, they did have a Ralphie t-shirt, but the husband refuses to wear red shirts. Fail!)

* Don't question me.

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