John Kerry issues statement on Wesley Clark's comments on John McCain: "WTF?"

When Gen. Wesley Clark repeated the phrase given to him by "Face the Nation" moderator Bob Schieffer - "Well, I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president" - Republicans and members of the media everywhere flew into an uncontrollable fauxtrage, despite the fact that Clark praised McCain's military service.

"The one certainty of the 2008 campaign, it might have seemed, was that Sen. John McCain would be acknowledged all around as a war hero for his service in Vietnam—but apparently not," wrote Gerald Seib and Sara Murray of Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

Sen. John Kerry, a Vietnam veteran who lost in the 2004 Presidential Election to George W. Bush and his "Never serve, let others die" team, released his first comment on the phony controversy late last night.

"WTF?!?!" Read the entire statement.

Kerry, who received the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts for his service in Vietnam, was lambasted throughout 2004 by a group of political operatives known as the "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth." The group, in a successful effort to turn one of Bush's weaknesses (no combat experience, went AWOL, etc.) into a strength, managed to make Kerry appear to be a traitor - for later protesting the war - by assembling a group of liars who went on to lie about Kerry. Some of the key lies:

-- Claimed that Kerry was dishonest, unreliable, unfit to lead, and had dishonored his country and fellow veterans.

-- Claimed that Kerry's "accusations" to a U.S. Senate Committee had demoralized and "betrayed" soldiers in Vietnam.

-- Claimed Kerry had lied about being involved on a mission in Cambodia.

The group also cobbled together a book on Kerry titled "Unfit for Command" which reiterated the lies and added more.

Despite the avalanche of lies that fell on Kerry's head in 2004, the media and Kerry himself made no real effort to destroy the Swiftboaters' slanders.

For McCain, however, the U.S. media and Australian Rupert Murdoch have gone off the deep end to defend their Faux-Maverick hero, claiming that Clark's remarks were horrifying lies that went far beyond what the Swiftboaters did.

"But one McCain supporter, retired Col. Bud Day, who was held prisoner with McCain in Vietnam, said the attacks on McCain were nothing like the swift boat attacks. He helped produce those attacks against Kerry, which were true, he said. The attacks against McCain are not, he added.

“The swift boat, quote, attacks were simply a revelation of the truth,” he said. “The similarity does not exist here because basically what the Swift Boat campaign was about was to lay out John Kerry’s record."
In response to Day's comments, Kerry released his second statement:

"WTF?!?!? Seriously, WTF?!?!!?" read the entire statement.


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