Torchwood and Doctor Who

I need some fun news today.

Torchwood Doctor Who

Potential Spoilers below.

After Elton reports that the Torchwood crew will appear in the three-part finale of Doctor Who season four. (Pic snatched from After Elton as part of the BBC promo shots)

The Torchwood Community on Live Journal quotes the Radio Times:
"Huge events are in store for Donna. The returning companions have incredible status - as the finale swings into action, we've got Rose, with her ability to stride parallel worlds, alongside Captain Jack and his Torchwood team, plus Martha with the military might of UNIT behind her, and Sarah-Jane with her alien-busting career - and yet it's still Donna at the heart of events. The ordinary human!"

Gareth David-Lloyd's official site confirms IANTO appears also:
As confirmed in this week's Radio Times (21-27 June) by Russell T Davies OBE (and congratulations to him for that, while we're at it), the Torchwood team will appear in the final story of this season's Doctor Who. Gareth had a blast filming this, so we hope you enjoy watching it.

YAY! Ianto!

Promo pics for The Stolen Earth are available here.


If you want to have some mindless fun, go to Stardoll and dress David Tennant and Billie Piper.

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