That can't be right

Ars Technica has an excellent series of posts on some of the nonsense controversy about evolution. Today's installment:
Bacteria evolve; Conservapedia demands recount
The whole thing is a wonderful read. For example:
Lenski had . . . discovered that Schlafly hadn't actually bothered to read the paper he was demanding the data for. . . . Lenski again notes that the paper actually contained the relevant data, and that Schlafly's complaints suggested he wouldn't know what to do with any further data were Lenski to provide it to him. In this, he was backed up by a number of Conservapedia members . . . . Several of those individuals are apparently now ex-Conservapedia members, having had their accounts blocked for insubordination. . . .

Problems with group think and incendiary discussions are common complaints about what happens behind the scenes at Wikipedia. The irony here is that Conservapedia was ostensibly founded as a response to precisely that behavior. It appears that the victims may now be trying the role of oppressors on for size.
I know I'm easily amused, but for me this is just thigh-slapping funny.

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