Read These Now as The MSM is Still Waiting

Hillary and Obama did meet last night. Andrea Mitchell is still waiting at the Clinton house this morning.
Andrea Mitchell

The honorable fourth estate is upset that they were fooled. HA! Now they know how we feel when we have to read their efforts.

McCain believes Bush's wiretaps without warrants were lawful.

Arkansas academic conference examines TV hit 'Buffy'.

China rushes to drain earthquake-formed lake.

"One of the legacies of the Clinton campaign is that it's been a wake-up call, really, to the women's movement of how far we have to go, We have a lot of work to do. We are in much worse shape than we thought." (Reuters)

"Republicans have blocked efforts to bring a global warming bill up for a final Senate vote after a bitter debate over its economic costs and whether it would push gasoline prices higher." (AP)

The Republican Congressional candidate for my district, Carl Mumpower thinks Bush should be impeached for his “failure to enforce illegal immigration.” That's the best ya got Mumsy? Since Disqus is not behaving, at least at my end, here is the link to Mumpower's press release. He isn't the brightest kid on the block.

"Members of Parliament in Lithuania have removed age, disability, and sexual orientation protections from a new draft law on equal opportunities." (Pink News)

The Beats and Beyond: Counterculture Poetry 1950-1975

Brief History of the TV Remote

Taking Computer Chat To A Whole New Level.

Review: Age of Conan's Player-Versus-Player Combat a Blessing, Curse. (Wired)

Ethiopian Jews in Israel are having to give up their traditional bread INJERA because of escalating teff prices. NO! Ethiopian cuisine is one of my favorites on the planet. Give me some spicy lentils and lamb on a platter of the spongy injera any day of the week.

Hmmm... "Within a few decades, we might reasonably expect to have extended life to 150 years or more – the first human to live to 1,000 may have already been born. But, does death give meaning to our lives? Where do we go from here?" (Cosmos) Just pull the plug when it is my time.

IDAHO! Sex education books voted off Nampa Public Library shelves. (Statesman) Of course, The Joy of Gay Sex was one of them. The books will be placed in the director's office and available per request with proper identification parental approval. OOPS!

John Edwards: What Would He Do About a VP?

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