Read These Now or McCain's Past, Present and Future Will Destroy You

The sad tale of Senator John McCain's first wife. I want to know more about his womanizing and "a knife-wielding floozy nicknamed ‘Marie, the Flame of Florida.'" I want to be Petulant- the fork-tongued floozy!

Back in 2000, the NY Times declared him a "Rebel With A Cause." Now he is a sycophant without a cause. Well, he wants to be prez. I guess THAT is a "cause."

Waaaaaaa... McCain camp unhappy with media.

Remember, McCain gets a $58,000 tax-free disability pension from the Navy. It's just "technical" since he is in perfect health. Are other disabled vets as lucky? Only if you fight tooth and nail.

Test your John McCain IQ

Does McCain have a running mate?

I vote for CINDY as his running mate. My love for her never wanes. HA!

CIndy for VP

"While many people will work on their tans this summer, or on summer reading lists or on not working too hard, two exceptions - John McCain and Barack Obama - and their underlings will be working." (AP)

I could care less about this Kansas City article, but the pics of McCain and Obama are priceless. I guess I should say he was "for" the Everglades preservation before he was against it.
McCain Reaches For Love

Speaking of McCain in Florida, How do You Solve a Problem Like Charlie Crist?

The Telegraph states/questions/propositions? Why John McCain could still beat Barack Obama in presidential race.

Senator John McCain denies suffering from Alzheimer's.

How sweet! The East Valley Tribune proclaims: "2 cheers for Obama, but McCain is better for USA." For an article proclaiming McCain is "better for the U.S. of A," excluding the title, he is mentioned three times. Thank you for not telling us why McCain is so great. It makes it so much easier to vote nay.

If you gentle readers (kittens) have not realized, today's morning readings are all about the savior of of the GOP. HA! The Maverick™ is his given name. Though, I want to call him Puss n' Boots. No offense to the true kittens of the world. "Good people, you who are reaping, if you do not tell the King that all this corn belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you shall be chopped as small as herbs for the pot."

And DO NOT FORGET! War is not for romantics; unless they are relatives and you are half-lit.

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