Read These Now or The Gay Mafia Will Destroy You

"The children's minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia." (Media Matters)

Another $165 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. There is $2 billion attached for the Midwest flooding and disaster areas. Isn't that sweet? (CNN)

"This is precisely the kind of judicial activism that frustrates the American people and the best way to change it is to put Republicans in charge in the Senate and John McCain in the White House," said Bush about the SCOTUS decision on detainees in Gitmo.

Two former Bear Stearns Hedge Fund managers arrested as part of the federal investigation of the mortgage crisis and widespread fraud. (NPR)

Rumsfeld declines to back McCain. (The Hill)

Woman sues Victoria's Secret because of a faulty staple that attached a bejeweled heart to a thong. (People) I never understood the thong. I am sure some enjoy the limited coverage, let's stick a piece of fabric in your ass crack. I do not. I tried to wear one many moons ago. I thought I would try some sexy, but it just made me uncomfortable and I was a wiggling fool trying to keep that tiny piece of fabric out of my ass. Give me a boxer brief and some comfortable coverage. This also happened a year ago and she now sues. The Smoking Gun has the court papers. There is also a thong pic on the SG site. Just warning.

New study: Pine bark significantly reduces menstrual pain.

"A fortified village that pre-dates European arrival in Western Canada and is the only one of its kind discovered on the Canadian plains is yielding intriguing evidence of an unknown First Nations group settling on the prairies and is rekindling new ties between the Siksika Nation (Blackfoot) and aboriginal groups in the United States." (Eurekalert)

Uhh-oh! Don't tell god! Meteorites Brought DNA "Ancestors" to Earth, Study Says. Yeah I know. The "new" science will say god sent that meteorite to Earth.

Whoo Hoo! Ordered Drinks Can Be Larger And Have Greater Alcohol Content Than You May Think.

Seasonal Cooking at Epicurious.

America's Best Children's Hospitals. (USN)

SPOILERS: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner At The Tardis? (SyFY)

On Sky One in the UK, there was a special The Top 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. Number one was The Doctor and Rose

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